Which sandals do you need to protect yourself from the sun?

Water sandals have always been a part of womens footwear, but the latest trend has them on the march, thanks to waterproof technologies and innovative technology.So, what's the difference between a waterproof sandal and a normal sandal?Both are waterproof, but in a different way.Waterproof is not a word you usually associate with waterproof sandals.Water-repellent technology is more commonly associated with

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How to wear a pair of sandals with a rainbow of colors

There's no doubt about it: women's sandals are an increasingly popular accessory, but they're not the only one.Here are the best sandals to wear with a range of colors and patterns.Bamboo Sandals Pantone® is proud to present the ultimate women's footwear collection with a blend of colors from the world of bamboo.Featuring an elegant and stylish bamboo design, these sandals

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