When to wear vionic sandal and slip on sandal – The best brands

VISION - AUSTRALIA'S top footwear brand is set to release a new range of footwear featuring a new design that combines the performance and comfort of an Australian super-shoe with the comfort of a Japanese super-suit.The Vision collection includes vionic, skate and water resistant footwear that have been created by footwear designers to help athletes cope with the unique demands

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When do I need a beach sandal?

When you need a summer beach sandals for your feet and ankles, you can always go for a pair of sandals from Ougg.The brand launched a pair last year with a new colour, Ougg Slide Sandals, which you can find at Ougg shops in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and around the world.Here are the basics of how to wear

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How to choose your baby sandals

Sandals, a popular summer accessory, are not a new trend.Many baby sandal makers have been making sandals for more than 30 years.Many women who wear sandals have also had the opportunity to try out other styles.Here are some of the top sandal styles for summer.Baby sandals The most common style for women in the United States is a baby sandala,

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