‘Sandals, Barbades, and Socks: The New Look’

"We all have our own style," says Lenny, a young woman in a pink and red sweater and jeans."We wear our sandals on the beach.We like our sandal boots.We want to wear our sneakers.But we also wear sandals when we go to the gym."I am standing with a group of other young women wearing sandals and running shoes as they

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How to dress as a sandal: What to wear to the beach

When it comes to the Beach, sandals are king.They're trendy and popular, and they're also super easy to wear.But you'll want to dress your sandals to match your outfit and your mood.Here are 10 tips to keep sandals in style.1.Wearing sandals with an over-the-shoulder belt or sandals can be a challenge2.Sandals can also be a little too long for casual

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