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How to wear sandals for a beach wedding

Women can dress up as sandals in their wedding photos but there are a few tips on how to get the most out of them.In this episode of the NHL Network's Top 100 Women in Sports podcast, host Matt Farah and guest Erin Loy speak with Amanda Ouellette, who is an award-winning writer and journalist.The first woman to win a

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When you want to fit into the best sandals you’re looking at: The best pair of flats for women

Sandals, which are designed for women, are an essential part of a long, strong run.They are a great pair of footwear for those running in hot conditions, and they're often the preferred footwear for people with low feet.But the new crop of women's flats is gaining traction.This summer, we looked at the best running sandals for women and their fit,

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