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Gold sandals to be the ultimate footwear for the outdoors

The world's most fashionable footwear is going into high gear for the 2016 Rio Olympics. Gold sandals are a new trend that is expected to attract a new generation of athletes in the run-up to the Games. They will not only give the athlete the ultimate outdoors footwear experience but they will also help to preserve the natural environment. "It's going to be

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A boy’s sandals for girls

Sandals for women are a little harder to come by in India, especially for girls.The government of India recently unveiled a scheme that will allow children of any age to wear sandals that are made for girls, which will help the country's girls become the first in the world to wear a sandal.The program, dubbed Sandal India, is meant to

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What You Need to Know About the Female Womens Sandals

By Kate Broughton-PrycePosted June 30, 2018 09:58:18What You Need To Know About The Female Wampum Sandals:It's a great look that's comfortable and easy to wear.But what you need to know about them is this:Wampum sandals are worn in the same way as regular sandals.They have a rounded toe box and are made from a synthetic material that can be breathable.The

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