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Nike, Adidas unveil their new shoe lines for the Olympics

Nike, the world's biggest athletic footwear brand, has announced that it will begin manufacturing footwear for the Rio Olympics.The company will also begin producing athletic socks and shoes in partnership with Adidas, the company announced.The announcement comes as Nike has been under pressure to provide more footwear for Olympic venues and athletes, after several recent events have exposed cracks in

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What You Need to Know About the Female Womens Sandals

By Kate Broughton-PrycePosted June 30, 2018 09:58:18What You Need To Know About The Female Wampum Sandals:It's a great look that's comfortable and easy to wear.But what you need to know about them is this:Wampum sandals are worn in the same way as regular sandals.They have a rounded toe box and are made from a synthetic material that can be breathable.The

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