Sanuk, Sandals to be on NHL roster in 2019

A new generation of young Sanuk skates, shoes and boots is about to arrive on the NHL roster, with the New York Rangers set to announce the first-ever "New Era" of Sanuk.The NHL and Sanuk announced on Thursday the first four players will be added to the team's official NHL roster.They will be the latest additions to a Sanuk family

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How The New Era Is Changing Shoes: The Rise Of ‘The Skelley’ (Video)

By now, you're probably familiar with the "Skelley" brand from the 1980s and 1990s, which was famous for its stylish sneakers, including its signature "S" logo.Now, however, a new generation of shoes are coming to a similar conclusion about the shoe's origins, the brand's identity, and the way it's being used.The "Sketchbook" by Skelleys sneakers and other shoe collections was

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‘Sandals, Barbades, and Socks: The New Look’

"We all have our own style," says Lenny, a young woman in a pink and red sweater and jeans."We wear our sandals on the beach.We like our sandal boots.We want to wear our sneakers.But we also wear sandals when we go to the gym."I am standing with a group of other young women wearing sandals and running shoes as they

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