Nike is selling men’s sandals for the first time in their history, and while the sale isn’t for a good reason, it’s a great chance to check out a pair you might not have been able to get a chance to try before.

While the sale will run until June 5, the new collection of sandals is set to be a hot item at the store and can be found for just $129.99 at select stores.

While you’re still likely to see some great deals on Nike sandal collections in the coming weeks, the latest installment is already on sale.

In an effort to attract younger shoppers, Nike is offering a special Nike sandalfan sale.

The sale is designed to appeal to kids and is expected to be worth $100 off the $199.99 price tag.

To see if you’re eligible for the sale, head over to and enter the code “Nike” in the search bar.

For those who may not have already checked out the Nike sandaleft, the sale offers a pair of Nike sandafan that are made with a lightweight cotton material that won’t fluff up your feet when walking.

The Nike sandakart are also available in black, black, and brown, and are available in sizes 5 to 8 feet long.

The Nike sandaift are available at select Nike stores nationwide, and you can check them out here.

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