The world’s most popular footwear brand is taking the next step in reinventing itself with a new footwear collection.

The brand is now selling a series of sandals made from recycled material that are designed to look like Nike sandal shoes but are more sustainable.

The shoes are made using a process called “reuse” and are made from water recycled from seawater that is then recycled again into new materials that are used in the shoes, said CEO Tom Szczepanik.

“These shoes are going to be recycled in the ocean, in the landfill, in water tanks,” he said.

“It’s really about using water as a medium for creating a material that’s sustainable.”

The new collection, dubbed “Nike Sandals” by the brand, is designed to help create a better world.

It has been created to help people be healthier, healthier communities, said SzczEPanik, and that’s why the brand is going to continue to make the products that are best for the planet.

“I want to create a world where we all are able to live a sustainable life,” he told the BBC.

“We’re all connected.

We all have the same need to live well.”

The brand said it was partnering with the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to create the new collection.

“The shoes we’re making are designed for people that need a little bit of insulation, a little more of a cushioning, to help them get a little closer to their surroundings,” said Szcepankiks.

“They have a lot of water in them and the water is recycled through this process, and then the water itself is also recycled through that process.”

Nike sandal makers’ processThe company is also working with a company called Vapour Technologies to produce the shoes.

The company is using a different process, but the company is still using recycled water to make its shoes, he said, adding that it will also continue to use recycled plastic bottles, and other materials in the manufacturing process.

“Our approach is to reuse as much water as we can,” he explained.

“If we can make a product that is sustainable, and recyclable and has the best environmental impact, that will be a win-win.”

The shoes have a carbon footprint of less than a tonne, which is less than what a normal pair of shoes would have, said Tom Szczesny.

“In terms of the environment, it’s pretty minimal,” he added.

“This is just a way to be environmentally conscious.”

The company’s next step is to bring the products to more countries, as the brand has started to expand into Australia and Europe.

“It’s pretty awesome to see that this is starting to grow, but there are more countries that are interested in doing business with us,” Szczek said.

The next step will be to go into the US and start selling them, and eventually there will be even more countries joining in.

“There are more opportunities in the future for us to expand our distribution to other places in the world,” he admitted.

“You’ll see more countries come on board.”

He said that the company was going to use the shoes to help address issues in the environment and help people become healthier and healthier communities.

“With all of these people around the world, we are trying to make sure that we’re not just talking about one place and one time, but we’re really trying to be part of this bigger picture,” he continued.

“That’s the beauty of this.”

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