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How a Nike sandals can transform your life

The world's most popular footwear brand is taking the next step in reinventing itself with a new footwear collection.The brand is now selling a series of sandals made from recycled material that are designed to look like Nike sandal shoes but are more sustainable.The shoes are made using a process called "reuse" and are made from water recycled from seawater

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How to dress for sandals? From the beach to the desert…

By TOM GAUZETTEALE and MARY HAGENSource CNN| November 19, 2018 | 09:06:30AMThe sandals are the most popular footwear in the world and their popularity is increasing year on year.While you can buy them for about $100 online, they are not cheap, especially for a casual look.You may have heard about the "sandal craze," but there are plenty of other ways

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Which sandals do you need to protect yourself from the sun?

Water sandals have always been a part of womens footwear, but the latest trend has them on the march, thanks to waterproof technologies and innovative technology.So, what's the difference between a waterproof sandal and a normal sandal?Both are waterproof, but in a different way.Waterproof is not a word you usually associate with waterproof sandals.Water-repellent technology is more commonly associated with

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