“I was so afraid.

I don’t know how to explain it,” said Elisabeth, a 34-year-old French national who was on the beach with her two children and her husband when the explosion happened.

“I didn’t want to go outside, because I was scared.

My husband and I just stood there.

I was terrified.”

Elisbeck, who was travelling with her children and husband to France from the UK, said that while the beach was empty, she and her family saw people who had been evacuated by the police on the road, so she and some of her children ran into a small group of people who offered her some water.

“We asked for water and we said ‘here, it’s hot, you have to drink it’, so we drank water and sat in the water,” she said.

“They took us to the hospital.

I cried.

We went to the hotel and I didn’t have money.

I just couldn’t go outside.”

Elissabeth, who works in a retail store, was the first to reach the hospital, which took her two to France’s second city of Rouen.

“When we went there, we could see so many people who were evacuated by police, that I thought that maybe they were evacuated, but they were not,” she recalled.

“There was no ambulance, no doctor.

It was just a lot of people standing there, people who wanted to help people.

I think it’s because of the fear.”

Elislabeth said that the fear that people have is what makes the attack so dangerous, and that it is the fear of the unknown that fuels the fear.

“It’s not like it’s a random thing that happens,” she added.

“Sometimes the person who was standing next to you on the street was afraid and that scared you, too.

You think ‘I’m afraid, what will happen to me?'”

‘I was scared, I was afraid’: Women of #Ebaola wear sandal sandals after #ParisAttacks article “It was a panic.

I didn�t know what to do, but I wanted to go out and help,” said Maribel, a 35-year old Spanish national who works at a restaurant.

“As soon as I saw the fire, I ran to the police station and got my husband to come to my house.

I said ‘I can’t go out, I can’t see my children, I don�t have money.'” “

My husband and me were sitting there together, crying and crying.

I said ‘I can’t go out, I can’t see my children, I don�t have money.'”

“It wasn’t like a bomb went off, we had nothing,” she continued.

“But we just started running towards the police, thinking it�s going to be a bomb, and I thought: I am in Paris, I am a victim, I want to help.”

The police were initially hesitant to help Maribel and her friends, but then they did and helped the women.

“People were screaming and saying, ‘Don�t go out there.

You have to stay here.’

They were giving us food, so I started going out to get it, but it was raining,” she explained.

“Everyone was crying and we were scared, we were afraid.

It just wasn�t safe.”

Maribel said that as the women and their children were helped, they were also told that the police would help with the evacuation of people, but that there were many who had not yet arrived.

“The police just started giving us water, so we were very scared,” she described.

“Then, after that, the police came and helped us.

We just got food and water.”

“They came and gave us water and water and a blanket, which we used to cover ourselves with,” she concluded.

“After that, they just took us back to the beach, so now we have no other choice but to leave the beach.

It�s dangerous because it�d take too long to get out.”

“I feel like we are in the middle of war.

They have all the power and we are the ones who are being attacked.

We are the victims,” said the 30-year‐old woman who did not want to be named, describing the attacks as a “disaster” for Paris.

“This is a tragedy that will never be over,” she told MTV News.

“No one will ever understand what I went through and the pain and suffering.”

‘I thought the bomb was going to hit us’: A woman shares her experiences of being affected by the #ParisAttack article “The whole day we were there, the whole time I was thinking ‘what was going on?'”

Maribel continued.

“[I thought] this is it.

It is just a bomb.

They are going to attack again.”

Maribeth said that she was told that she had

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