Footwear brands in Ireland are taking a look at the latest trends for women’s footwear.

The latest in the range is Birkenstock, whose sandals are made in the UK and have been inspired by the company’s famous leather footwear.

Read moreFlorence, a brand which has long been known for its footwear, has also launched a line of sandals inspired by its famous women’s shoes.

“The aim of our line of women’s sandals is to bring women into the world of sport without the fear of looking outdated or looking unprofessional,” Florence told the Irish Independent.

The sandals were launched at the launch of the brand’s latest collection in the capital.

“We want to introduce a fresh new take on footwear, one that doesn’t have a history or feel of the traditional style, but one that reflects our core values, which are beauty, quality and craftsmanship,” Florence said.

Read MoreFlorentine said she was inspired to create her own line of female sandals after seeing the success of women like former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“I was inspired by her campaign and the passion she brought to the campaign trail and the energy and passion she had when she took the stage and spoke to people about her vision for a brighter future,” Florence continued.

“Her energy and vision was a direct reflection of my own journey as a woman who wanted to change the world for the better and for women.”

Read MoreSandals made in UKA range of sandal designs have been released from the brands name Birkenland and Florence.

The first women’s shoe to be inspired by British footwear is Birkon Classic, a line that includes a range of suede sandals made in London.

“It’s a great opportunity for women to feel confident in their choice of footwear,” said Florence.

“There are no rules, you can wear whatever sandals you like and it’s the same for men as well.”

Florendine said that she wanted to show women that there was more to life than being a “good sport”.

“Women’s shoes are one of the few areas of life where you can have the freedom to dress however you like, go out with friends and do whatever you want,” Florence added.

“Women should feel free to choose what is comfortable and comfortable is for them.”

Read moreThe range of women sandals was launched at Birkenlands first launch event in the US.

Read the full articleRead moreA range in women’s ballet shoesThe latest release from the brand, Ballet Ballets, is a line inspired by a ballet class and the traditional movements of a woman’s legs.

“Our aim is to inspire women to be more adventurous in their dance and dance movements, not only in terms of what they wear but also how they dance and how they move,” said Florentine.

The brand also announced the release of a women’s ballerina shoes range inspired by women’s dancing.

“Ballet is a movement which is very much a dance, but we wanted to explore ballet as a whole and create a new ballerini range of ballet shoes for women,” Florentines marketing manager Claire Condon told the newspaper.

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