The sandals are not the only thing that can be purchased at JCPenney stores.

But for those who can’t find the item on the shelves, a lot of brands are selling the footwear and accessories online.

“There’s a lot more to the footwear than just the sandals,” said Kunal Parekh, a product specialist at retail consultancy Retail Intelligence, adding that consumers can also shop online for a variety of accessories such as earrings and shoes.

“The biggest selling brands are actually the shoes.

The brands that are selling their sandals online are actually going to sell their shoes.”

The retail giant also has a section of its online store where customers can shop for their own shoes, said Rakesh Varma, managing director, sales and marketing, in a statement.

But as soon as the sandal becomes available on the website, retailers can start selling the shoes on the online platform.

This means that a retailer who wants to sell its own shoes on a platform like JCPens is not constrained by the fact that it can’t have them on store shelves.

JCPennes said that it has a dedicated store for sandals.

It also has online sections where customers are able to purchase the shoes for sale on the platform.

“It is our belief that the online marketplace will play an integral role in the sustainable growth of JCPendelas shoes,” the company said in a post on its blog.

“Through the platform, we believe our brand can grow even more than its traditional retail outlets and become a real asset for our customers.”

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