In this case, a Spanish man is trying to make an impression on his fellow travellers by dressing up as an Egyptian mummy.

But the woman is a fan of the style.

It’s called the ‘Spanish mummy’ boots and the man has taken to social media to share pictures of them.

“When I walk in, I wear a spanish mummy boot,” he wrote on Instagram.

This was the second time he shared the pictures on Sunday.

He had posted one in December when he walked into the store wearing a ‘spanish mummy boots’ vest and a headscarf.

The man was reportedly dressed as the Egyptian mummy when he visited his local store.

He also shared a picture on Twitter of a pair of spanish boots that he wore when he was in the Middle East.

One of the photos shows him wearing a pair in Morocco and another shows him in Istanbul.

In the caption to one of the images, he wrote: “I was at a hotel in the middle of nowhere and had to go to the mall because I didn’t have any clothes for myself.

So I wore these spanish boot shoes and a mask to try to look like an Egyptian.”

This is the man who shared a photo of himself dressed as a spain mummy with the caption: “They are the spanish mummies of Morocco, Turkey and Egypt.”

On the other hand, this is the woman who posted a picture of herself dressed as an spanish Egyptian with the tag: “Its not for me to judge, just sharing with my friends!”

The caption to the first picture said: “The spanish sandals, in a spandex, were a bit too much for me.”

She also shared another photo of herself in a sandal and a hoodie with the statement: “You dont need to wear spanish or spanish-made sandals to make a great impression.

Its all about being authentic, which is what this boot does.

I wore them for a trip to Morocco with my husband and we went for a walk with them.

I was wearing a head scarf and mask so my hair was covered, so my face was hidden, and I had a pair with me.

They are not spanish, but they look very spanish to me.

They are really cool.”

The second photo, which showed a man wearing the same sandals as the first, said: I dont know what to think.

I am not spain.

She wrote: I love these boots!

I love the span socks too!

I cant believe this is real.

They look real and you can dress up as a mummy too.

I love them!

They are so chic.

Theres nothing to be ashamed of.

I cant wait to wear them!

Spanish mummy boots are so cute!

I want to wear one.

(Supplied: Instagram/Kelsey Lueck)

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