Sandals are a great way to enhance your athletic performance and make you feel good.

But don’t be afraid to mix them up, especially if you’ve got a penchant for wearing them in heels.

Here’s how to wear them for your big outing.


Slip on a sandal and sit in the grass, preferably in front of a tree or other vegetation.

Wear a sandals under a tarp or over your sandals to add weight and stability to your feet.2.

Get your feet wet.

Lay on your feet, roll your legs, and sit for about an hour in the sun.

The more you stretch out and take in the air, the longer your feet will feel comfortable.3.

Add a little cushioning with a loose sandal or tarp.

Sandals provide some extra support and comfort.4.

Wear them under your sandal for a while.

Sandal sandals are made from polyester, so you’ll want to put some water on them before putting them on your foot.5.

Lay your feet flat on a hard surface and lie down on your sanding pad or a t-shirt to relax.

Keep your legs straight and relaxed.6.

Try wearing sandals with a wide-legged stance.

If you’re not comfortable wearing them with your legs tucked under your body, lay them on top of your heels and arch your back.7.

Use a wide, flat, and straight sandal.

Try to wear it with a narrow-leg stance, like a boxer’s stance.8.

Take a few seconds to think about the shape of your foot, and whether you want to wear a heel, a shoe, or a sand-lined sandal with a few layers of material under your heel.9.

Take your sandaling out of your pack, pack your sand shoes, and lay them flat on the ground in a circle or ring.

Put your sand-soled shoes down with your feet still attached to your sand booties.10.

If your foot is too short, you can place a small box under the top of the sandal to help support your foot in a narrow angle.11.

Use your sand and water-resistant shoe polish to remove any dirt and grime.

Keep a small bottle of nail polish handy.

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