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Sandals and shoes: Which footwear are the best?

A new study from fashion retailer sandals and shoe retailer sandales has revealed the best pair of sandals for men, women, and children to wear on a daily basis.The study was carried out by the Footwear Marketing Institute and Footwear Industry Alliance (FIMA) in partnership with the Foot Wear Association, a non-profit organisation promoting the footwear industry in Australia.The findings

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How to Wear a New Sandal for the First Time

The best shoes for kids and moms. Read more The newest footwear to hit the market is the sandals for kids.The New York Times reports that the Sandals for Kids brand is designed specifically for children and parents, and the shoes have received rave reviews from parents, as well as parents themselves.Here's how they look:This is a perfect fit for toddlers.The

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