I’m a South-Coast surf photographer, and I’ve been doing it for almost 10 years.

While I love being in the water, I find myself wishing I had more gear. 

As the sun sets, the waves continue to wash over the coastline, and the beach is crowded with people.

The weather has been cool, but there are a few moments of heat in the early morning, so I grab a pair of shorts and head to work.

I’ve been documenting South-South Coast surf for almost a decade, and this year I took the plunge into the water to document the South-West.

While I had no intention of becoming a photographer, my work was instrumental in shaping the surf culture in the area, so being able to share my experiences with a wider audience made me want to do it for a living.

I was a huge fan of the documentary series South-Western Coast, which featured local surf photographers like Joe Besso, and featured local events like the North Shore Surffest and the South Coast Surf Film Festival.

So when I was contacted by the South Australian Government to do a film for the state’s new tourism promotion website, I was instantly hooked.

“It’s about how to live a life in South Australia, as opposed to the other way around,” I said to the Department of Tourism.

The Department of Transport has also been great to work with, as well as being a great partner to work on the tourism website.

With the launch of the South Western Tourism Promotion website, there will be a huge amount of content available on the site.

I’ve chosen to focus on South-North Coast, and focus on local surf events and surfers, and what they’ve been experiencing.

The first article on the South Central Coast is entitled, Surf Life in South-Central Adelaide.

We are a very unique location for South-East Queensland and a fantastic place to live.

There’s a lot of surfing in the surf, but I think most people who are interested in surfing don’t have the time, money or skills to surf on the beach.

You can get there from the north coast by taking the train from Townsville, or catch a bus from Townsend.

It’s a great way to get there.

You can also rent a car to get around.

South-east Queensland has been home to some great surf events for many years.

For example, the Surf Life festival was held at South Coast Park in 2016.

When we get there, we can walk around and check out the surf scene, and see how people surf.

There are so many amazing surfers around.

We’re lucky to have some great local surfers.

I’m excited to see how South-Eastern Adelaide develops and grows over the next few years.

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