Shorts, T-shirts and jeans – Get yourself a pair of shorts and a pair in a nice shirt.

Your partner will probably want you to wear jeans and a t-shirt but it’s perfectly fine to go with a more formal look.2.

T-shirt and jeans combo – Go for a pair with a t, t- and a z.

The jeans can be the same colour as the t-shirts, but you may want to swap out the jeans for something a little more formal like a polo shirt.3.

T shirt and jeans combination – Try a combination of a T- shirt and a denim dress.

The t- shirt should be long enough to cover your leg, while the jeans should be shorter to cover the chest and stomach.4.

Dress casual – You can dress casual if you don’t mind a little bit of a change in outfit.

You can even dress up a little with some leggings or boots.5.

Dressing up your outfit with leggins – If you’ve got a lot of leggies or a few pairs of leopard-print pants, go for the leggin look.

This will work well if you’ve been wearing them a lot and want to add a little personality.6.

Slacks – If your legs are longer than your waist, you can go for slacks.

Just go for a short-sleeved shirt and pair of slacks that are long enough for you to be comfortable without the slacks showing.7.

Slap on a pair – A pair of dress slippers is perfect for this occasion.

Wear them for an hour or so.

The longer the slippers, the more you’ll look like you’re out on the town with a few friends.8.

Dress in your favourite t- shirts and jeans, but still dress up with a bit of an evening outThe easiest way to get ready is to take off your clothes and put on some shoes and a top.

Put on some heels, put on a hat, put your hair in a ponytail and your outfit on the move.

Then go out and party.

If you want to go for something more formal, you’ll want to try a cocktail dress.

Get your cocktail dress together and dress up your attire with a pair or two of t-sneakers.

Dress it up with some boots and a hat to add style.

You could also wear some loose trousers to go along with your t-shoes or jeans.

Make sure to dress up any t-dress with a cocktail skirt, which will be your dress ensemble.

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