The brand new sandals made by Sandals USA, which has opened in Antiguas New York and Chicago, have garnered some flack from those who are not accustomed to the brand, and the footwear may even be selling out.

Sandals has been accused of being too “sexual,” but Sandals says the brand has been selling more of its “premium” sandals, like the Sandals Glamour Sandals, than its more “basic” sandal options.

The Sandals brand has struggled to keep up with fashion trends in recent years.

It was acquired by H&M earlier this year and was shut down by the French company last year.

A year ago, Sandals dropped a $300 million valuation on the brand that it was based on the idea that the company could grow its business without having to raise prices.

But Sandals president Eric Tarr told Business Insider last year that he thought the brand was “not as hot” as the media would have you believe.

“We’re going to grow and we’re going in a new direction,” he said.

“But we’re not going to be the same Sandals we used to be.”

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