Gucci says it is launching a new collection of shoes for women with nude sandal designs, including its nude sandaling, sandals and platform sandal collections.

The company says the new collection is available at select retailers, including Gucci.

The collection includes the Guiches platform sandaled, sandal and platform, and it is priced at $299.99 for men, $299 for women.

The sandals come in a variety of colors and designs.

The shoes are also available at Gucci stores in Asia and in China.

The sandals are available in sizes 6.9, 8, 10 and 12 in Gucci’s new line.

It’s not clear if Gucci will offer a black sandal or a black platform sandaling collection in the United States.

The Gucci sandals have been popular among women, particularly in Asia, for their soft and comfortable feel.

They were popularized by the company’s famous female model, Dior Homme, who wore them during her early modeling career.

A Gucci spokesperson told CNN that the company has been testing the new sandals with women for some time and hopes to have the first pair of sandals in stores in October.

The brand is launching the sandals to celebrate Gucci being named “The World’s Leading Brand” by The Economist in 2017.

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