Sandals can be worn in many different ways.

One of the most common is the ‘underarm’ style.

This is the style worn with sandals that are on the bottom of the foot, allowing the feet to be slightly off centre.

The ankle straps can also be worn under the sandals.

If you have ankle-length sandals in your wardrobe, it’s likely that you’ll be wearing them under your underarm sandals as well.

Underarm sandal styles can be a good choice for shorter people with shorter legs.

You can find sandals with longer or longer straps and sandals made from leather, cotton or nylon.

Sandals with a wide band can also work well for shorter men, as they allow the straps to hang slightly above the ankle.

In contrast, sandals worn under your armpits are usually more comfortable, as the band is less likely to be pulled up.

You could also choose to wear your sandals under your trousers, with a band attached to the bottom.

You may find that the band does a good job of covering your foot, while the lower band is not as high.

For longer people, you may find sandal straps are more comfortable.

You might want to think about whether a pair of sandals will suit you best for walking on your own.

You should wear sandals when you’re out and about, in the sunshine, or in the shade.

For best results, you should also wear sandal bottoms when you take a bath.

If sandals aren’t a suitable option for you, you could consider wearing a sandal belt, which is a belt that is attached to your shoes and allows you to wear them while you’re walking.

A sandal buckle or a strap with a buckle could also work.

If it’s not practical, you can also get a sandaled leather sandal.

The sandals are a good option if you’re looking for a way to wear sandaled shoes for more than a few hours a day.

You’ll also find sandaled sandals suitable for walking in the winter.

For more information on sandals and sandal boots, visit our sandal advice page.

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