When it comes to sandals it’s important to have them in good condition and to be comfortable with them, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday.

“If you’re in a situation where you’re tired or stressed, it’s better to wear shoes that you’re comfortable in,” he said at the opening of the annual Herzliya Jewish Festival.

He was referring to the fact that sandals have been associated with many health problems and have been blamed for many of them.

A person who is sick should wear protective footwear, he said.

The Israeli premier said he would be taking a look at the latest studies on the health benefits of sandals.

“This is something that we need to examine more and more,” he told reporters.

“The data is inconclusive, but I think there is some evidence of their effectiveness.”

He added that “it’s important for people to know what’s in them and what’s not in them” and that it was important to wear the sandals with the “sneakers you can wear.”

Netanyahu has been working on a new plan to boost Israel’s tourism industry, including hiking, biking and skiing.

The new plans include hiking, hiking and ski resorts, as well as a ski park in the Negev Desert, which has been criticized by environmental groups.

He is also considering a plan to develop more than 200 new ski resorts and a ski resort complex near the Palestinian village of Beit Hanina.

Netanyahu also said he wants to increase the number of Jewish tourists by 500,000 over the next five years.

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