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article Tech tip: Use the right shoes!

article If you haven’t had the chance to pick up a pair of your favorite shoes yet, or you just want to try them out, you can do so with this handy guide to getting them.

The first thing you’ll want to do is decide what type of shoes you want to wear.

Some shoes are easy to pick out and the rest are much harder to identify.

Here are the types of shoes to pick:Nike+Amber (Sneakers: Brown)Nike Air (Saucer: Brown), Adidas+Puma (Puma: Black)Neeb+Takara (Pants: Black), Adidas-Ferrari+Pascal (Pascal: Black and Brown)Woolrich+Pioneer (Wool: Black with green stripe), Puma+Diesel+Ferraris (Ferrati: Black leather)Nikes+Nike (Sleeves: Blue, Black)Socks+Nelly (Socks: Red), Nike+Levis (Laces: Black, Black and Grey)Shoes to look for at the store (if you’re on the hunt for a pair):Vans+Sneakerz (Shoes: Black/Silver, Black/Blue), Felt+Wool (Shoe: Black Leather)Nordstrom+Holland (Sock: Blue), Adidas +Ferraria (Shirts: Black or Red)Target+H&M (Shirt: Red)Kmart+Socks (Shorts: Black (Boots: Red, White and Black), White/Blue, Black Leather and Grey, Black Rubber, Black, Grey and Black)H&m+Sons (Shoots: Black). 

There are lots of different styles of shoes, and you can pick out whichever style you want for the night, whether it’s black or black/white.

We’ll cover all the styles we’ve got so far, but if you’re still unsure about which to pick, check out our guide to the best pair of shoes for the weekend.

If you’re looking for some tips on wearing your favorite sneakers, we’ve listed a bunch below:To keep the shopping experience as simple as possible, you should look for a neutral color, not too bright, and not too dark.

For a perfect fit, try a pair with the widest fit and a low rise.

To get a great fit, aim for a size that fits snug, but doesn’t pull too tight. 

Avoid colors that are too bright or too dark (like reds, greens, blues, etc.).

You want a neutral, light color for your night, and bright colors don’t look as good as dark ones.

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