A new Jelly Sandal resort is set to open next year in a remote area of the Virgin Islands, but the new resort is still months away from opening, and the first wave of guests may not be ready to walk out of their hotel room.

The first wave will be guests who arrive in January 2018, with the rest of the guests expected to arrive by the end of the year, according to the company.

The new resort will include two hotels, an island house and a resort villa.

The Virgin Islands is an island in the Caribbean Sea that is a popular vacation destination in the region.

The company has already signed contracts with some of the islands hotels.

The resort will also include a restaurant, hotel, beach club, and a spa.

The hotel and resort villas will be open from March through May, and most of the first guests will arrive in early June, according the company’s website.

It will open on July 4, 2018, but not the resort.

The current Jelly Sandales resort is scheduled to open in 2021, with a hotel on the property.

The firm plans to open a second resort in the Virgin islands in 2021.

The Jelly SandAL Resort is set for a debut in 2019.

The next Jelly SandALS Women’s resort is slated to open by the middle of 2021, and there are plans to reopen another resort later.

The latest announcement about the resort is that the resort will be located at the former Jello Sandals Resort in West Virgin Islands.

A previous resort, the Jello Resort in Lompoc, California, was closed for years, but was later reopening with a new name, the Jelly Sandaling.

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