The second installment of the Blade Runner franchise was released in 1982 and was directed by Ridley Scott, a filmmaker whose work on Blade Runner, Alien and Alien 2 has inspired countless sequels and prequels.

It also became the first movie to feature a black man as a protagonist.

But the story of what happens to Ryan Gosling as he is captured by a mysterious organization known as The Machines in the sequel was a controversial one for many fans.

The original Blade Runner was a landmark of the ’80s, and its story, and Gosling’s role in it, would remain a central one for a decade.

And with the new film, fans are eager to find out if it’s worth revisiting.

The new Blade Runner is being made in a bid to reboot the franchise with a new look and new cast of characters.

The film stars Ryan Goslin, Sylvia Hoeks, Rainn Wilson, Harrison Ford, Ana de Armas, Naomi Watts, and Ana Gasteyer.

But it’s not just the new cast that fans are hoping to see, they are also looking forward to the first film’s new, darker take on the Blade Runners.

“It was such a huge leap for us,” director Denis Villeneuve told MTV News.

“To see it at this point, we know it’s a big leap forward in terms of the storytelling, but we also know that we can do more.

We know that it has a very different look and a different vibe.

We can have more of a story that’s not so linear.

We want to be able to tell stories that are more open to interpretation.”

Villeneau said the new Blade Runers will be set in the same world as the first.

“We’ve got to take the same basic ideas that were used in the first Blade Runner and really push them forward in a way that we didn’t really think was possible with the first one,” he said.

The first Blade Run was set in 2029.

This time around, it’s set in 2025, in a futuristic Los Angeles, but the film also takes place in the world of Blade Runner 2049.

And while Gosling has yet to be cast in the film, the actor told MTV he is “very excited.”

“It’s a very unique time and a very important time for the world,” Gosling said.

“And so, I’m excited for it to be a part of the franchise, and I think it’s something that we’ve been trying to do for a very long time, to create this vision of a world where people have this power, where people can do something.

And so, it will be exciting to see Ryan, Harrison, Rain, and everybody else in it.”

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