The American sandals market is undergoing a bit of a renaissance as manufacturers are ramping up production and retailers are selling off their inventory.

But there’s one brand that’s never really changed and that’s Under Armour.

Last year, Under Armour launched a new line of sandals and accessories.

Called the Under Armour Sandals, the footwear line was made with materials like leather and suede, as well as the new leather upper, that is now becoming a favorite among the footwear and sports fan community.

Under Armour has always been known for creating products that fit the needs of their consumers.

The brand is also known for providing a high-quality product and a quality service, something that is certainly appreciated by the sports fan.

On the heels of this success, however, the company has been in the news lately due to allegations of child sexual abuse by employees.

That has led to a lot of backlash against the brand and many consumers have been asking Under Armour to pull the sandals they’ve been using.

Under Armor is quick to respond, saying it is investigating the claims and will not be changing sandals.

“Under Armour does not condone or tolerate sexual abuse, or any other type of inappropriate behavior by anyone, including employees,” the company said in a statement to ABC News.

“While we can not comment on pending litigation, we are actively investigating the allegations and taking appropriate action.”

For the last few years, the shoes have been a staple of Under Armour’s lineup.

The company made them available in every color of the rainbow, and now it seems that the brand is going to be releasing some new ones as well.

According to Under Armour, they will be releasing the Under Armor sandals for the upcoming holiday season.

The sandals will feature a leather upper with a “super stretchy” lining that allows for more support.

The sandals are expected to hit the shelves in mid-November, though some retailers will have them on the shelves as early as next week.

Under the new line, the brand will be offering a variety of different colorways for the next two seasons, including a light grey and a dark grey option.

While there has been a lot more news about Under Armour recently, the shoe company’s stock price has remained fairly steady and has been outperforming most other retailers on the stock market.

The stock price is currently trading around $27.94, a little higher than the $26.70 it was trading at on Tuesday, but it’s still below the $34.80 it was last week.

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