Amazon unveiled a new line, called “Fit Flops”, that is designed for the active and active-wear enthusiast.

“We want men to feel comfortable, yet look their best in sandals,” said Marc Simon, CEO of Amazon Sandals.

The company also launched a new brand called “Men’s Sandals” in May.

Amazon Sandal Co. Inc., the parent company of Inc. and other Amazon companies, launched “FitFlop” in March.

It is now available in about 80,000 stores across the U.S., as well as in, and

The sandals feature a “Fit” tag that indicates they are “comfortable” and “floppy” to boot.

The tags feature a men’s logo, and Amazon says “Fit”, “Flop”, “Diva” and other words that are unique to each item.

The shoes come in men’s sizes ranging from small to extra large, with sizes ranging in price from $130 to $200.

Amazon said that its “Fit Flip” line was inspired by a woman named “Tara” who wrote about how her sandals “feel like a dress, but the look doesn’t matter.”

Amazon has a large online presence, and it is one of the world’s largest online retailers, selling more than 1 billion products.

Sandals and sandals are one of Amazon’s top sales items, with “FitFlipper” shoes and sandal combos selling more often than any other Amazon product.

In September, Amazon launched the site, where customers can shop for “Fit Flicks,” sandals and other accessories.

Amazon’s online store also offers its own fashion-focused site, “”

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The site says “we have always had a passion for fashion and have a passion to make a positive impact in the world.”

Amazon said its “Fits” line will sell at stores and through, a free online marketplace for apparel and accessories.

The “Fit Finder” app, which is currently available on Android, is a new service that allows Amazon shoppers to see what sizes and colors the company is selling.

“Flicks” are sold on, the Russian Internet giant, but customers can also purchase the “FitFind” app on Amazon’s website.

The app says, “It’s your choice to look good in sandal.”

Amazon says it has more than 300 million people shopping on Amazon every day, and the company has seen record growth in sales for its Amazon Prime service., Amazon’s video streaming service, was a key seller for the company last year.

It added a new feature to the service in September that lets people stream their Prime-Prime-Prime videos.

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