Hiking shoes are a necessity for any climber who wants to maintain a comfortable and active lifestyle.

While they’re often seen as more of a fashion statement, the footwear you wear to hike in the wild is an integral part of your everyday lifestyle.

Whether it’s a hiking boot that features a soft sole, a rugged ankle pad or a hiking shoe that has a breathable rubber upper, we’ve compiled a list of the best hiking shoes for every type of climber.

Here are the top 10 hiking shoes you can buy online right now:1.

Merrell’s Black Diamond Trail Boot (Black Diamond)Price: $1992.

Merrick Boot (Meadow)Price, $299Price,$3993.

Bontrager Classic Trail BootPrice, £249Price,£3494.

Merretto BootsPrice, €599Price,€7995.

Merritt’s Super Trail BootsPrice; £799Price; $1,1996.

Merrie SocksPrice; €299Price;€3997.

Merrimans BootPrice;£249Price;$3998.

Sock Co. BootsPrice: £349Price; free9.

Merkin Socks, Socks & BootsPrice (Woolworths)Price;FREE10.

Hiking Boots, Hiking Shoes & Boots price, £299Price: FreeFor more top 10 best hiking boots check out our top 10 coolest hiking boots list:1 | Merrells Black DiamondTrail Boot: Best hiking shoes in the world2 | Merritton Boot (Merrell)3 | Bontrs Boot (Bontragger)4 | Merrettos Boot (Apex)5 | Merrick Boots (Merryweather)6 | Merriam Socks (Woolsworths).7 | Merricks Super Trail Boot8 | Merrie Boots9 | Merriman Socks10 | Merridones Boot

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