Nike, the world’s biggest athletic footwear brand, has announced that it will begin manufacturing footwear for the Rio Olympics.

The company will also begin producing athletic socks and shoes in partnership with Adidas, the company announced.

The announcement comes as Nike has been under pressure to provide more footwear for Olympic venues and athletes, after several recent events have exposed cracks in the footwear supply chain and raised questions about the sustainability of the Olympic movement.

“The Olympic movement is changing.

We are the leaders in the world of footwear, and this is a big step for our brand to play a larger role in this movement,” said Jordan Brand Chief Operating Officer Todd Rolle, in a statement.

“Our goal is to create new products that are better for the athletes and communities we serve.

Nike’s partnership with our Nike partners will provide us the platform to help deliver the best footwear for Rio.”

The shoe collaboration is the first of its kind for Nike, which is already the most popular footwear brand in the United States, and the first time that a major sports brand will work with an athlete’s footwear partner.

The footwear deal, which will be available for sale starting at $180, will come on the heels of a similar agreement that Nike has made with Adidas.

In January, Nike announced a partnership with NikeLab, the largest footwear manufacturer in the U.S. and the world, that will produce shoes for the games.

The partnership will allow Nike to continue to expand its global footprint with new products, including sneakers, boots and apparel for the U-20 and U-23 soccer teams.

In addition to Nike, several other major sports shoe brands, including Under Armour and Under Armour Elite, have partnered with Nike.

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