When you’re shopping for a sandals you should take into account the person you’re looking at, says Brian Hockley, owner of the Hockleys Sandals in Dallas, Texas.

If they’re looking for a leather sandal to match their boots, that’s a better choice, but if they’re shopping at a retail store for sandals for men, they should get an all-over sandal.

He says, “the majority of the men’s sandals I see in stores are all over the place.

They don’t have a clear direction, they don’t really look like sandals.”

Hockles advice is to go with a sandaled leather or sandal that looks natural, he says.

“If you’re not wearing a pair of sandals that fit you, you’re probably not going to get a good fit.”

And if you’re really into sandals and want something more comfortable, the best thing to do is go with sandals made by Nike, said Brian Hocking.

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