When it comes to suits, women tend to prefer the “traditional” look of the classic slim-fit suit, which has a fitted neckline and is often worn with a tailored belt.

But that isn’t always the case.

Some men prefer the more casual look of a tailored shirt and trousers, which have a slim waist and a higher neckline.

While men tend to like the “dressy” look more than women, it’s the combination of the two that makes men seem more masculine.

The “dressier” look is more casual and tailored, while the “slim” look has a relaxed fit and a tailored neckline that fits better with jeans.

The dressier look can be seen in men’s fashion blogs, but is actually an extension of the slim-fitting suit.

Women prefer the casual look and tend to have a tailored look in general.

While it’s often said that women prefer the traditional slim-cut look, it doesn’t have to be so.

According to fashion trends, the most recent trend for men in their 30s is the “tuxedo” look.

It’s typically seen in the workplace or on the weekends when the men don’t have the time to change into suits.

But the trend is gaining traction among women.

Women tend to gravitate towards the “casual” look because it has a flattering fit and can be worn on the job, especially if the suit is made from a material that is more suitable for a more casual lifestyle.

The suit can be tailored and tailored without looking like a total mess, says Michelle Poyntz, a stylist and editor for The Cut.

If you have a more relaxed fit, the suit will be more flattering, Poynett says.

And the suit can also be paired with a suit jacket or a blazer.

And while the casual fit of the suit isn’t as flattering as the slim fit, Poysntz says the “groomed” look still has its appeal for men who have been around a while.

It has the “smooth, refined look” and the “softness of a man’s suit,” Poyns says.

Men who like the casual looks tend to wear jeans and shirts, but don’t necessarily wear blazers, she says.

Women have more formal tastes.

For men, “a tailored suit is the look of an official in a suit,” she says, but for women, the look has more to do with formal wear and casual casual attire.

And when it comes time to dress up, it can be difficult to choose a look that will be flattering for your personal style.

“You can be dressed up, but it may not be flattering,” Poysnett explains.

For example, she points out that many men are hesitant to wear a suit to a formal event, even though they would normally be expected to wear it.

“Men tend to be a little hesitant,” she said.

“But it’s important to be comfortable in your own skin and not look like you’re out to offend anyone.”

But the “bouncy” look, which is worn by many women, can be an option for men.

The idea behind the bouncy look is that it is a combination of casual and formal wear, but the shirt doesn’t always need to be as fitted as the pants.

The shirt can be rolled up to fit over the pants, which can make it easier for the shirt to be hidden underneath a suit.

And although the shirt is usually worn with pants, there are a number of ways to wear the shirt without a suit on top of it.

The most obvious one is to wear an unbuttoned shirt underneath the pants or toggled pants and vest.

“It’s really important to find a style that suits you and doesn’t offend,” Paysnett said.

Men are also more likely to like a “dress-up” look when they are at a dinner party, a date or at a movie.

The more casual fit is more flattering on the man, Paysntz adds, and it’s a good choice for a man who wants to wear casual clothes without a formal shirt.

The men who like that look will be wearing suits with a more formal fit, which means they’ll have a shirt tucked under the trousers, Priesntz explains.

But a men’s suit should always be fitted and tailored to the person.

If the man has a suit that’s a little too casual, he may not like the way that the shirt fits, Potsnett advises.

A casual shirt can make a man look more confident.

The best way to avoid being awkward at a cocktail party is to avoid the need for a shirt that is too long, she said, but a man should still wear a tie or a bow tie to go with his suit.

He should also wear the same outfit every time he goes out, she advises.

And she says that if you wear

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