The nude flat-soled sandals that are part of the latest wave of “VIP” footwear are available in a new range of colours and styles, but are also available in black, blue and grey.

The $350 shoes feature black suede, suede accents and a “leopardprint” finish on the toe, and have been spotted in Paris and Milan.

In Paris, they are priced at $1,800 and $1.2, respectively.

They are available at Amazon and for $350 each.

Nike has also offered the same shoes for sale for $1 per pair.

The latest version of the Nike Flyknit has been seen on Instagram in Paris with a black “Leopardprint”-style heel, and is now available for $180 from Nike.

The Nike FlyKnits have been available for a while now on Amazon, but have been largely sold out.

The shoes were available in both black and black and white, but the new versions are currently only available in blue and black.

“Leo” was one of the more popular names for the footwear in the past few years, so the new colour and finish look great.

If you’re looking for a pair of Nike shoes, the first time you wear them is guaranteed to be an instant fan favorite.

The new “Vip” footwear range is available now from Nike’s online store, and you can also buy them on eBay.

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