Get your feet wet with some of the most beautiful sandals on the planet.

Whether you want a pair of barefoot sandals or sandal boots, the latest from Baretrapture will make it easy to wear these sandals to the office or a dance class.

The Baretrala boots, made from 100% polyurethane, are available at the online retailer and will retail for $200.

Get your toes in them and hit the dance floor.

Baretras are made from leather and are made with a polyurea rubber sole.

For an additional $150, Baretrap sandals are available in a range of styles including a sandal-like sandal, sandal flats and sandal lace.

Barents are designed to be comfortable and easy to maneuver, but they are also available in several different color options.

The most versatile option is the Eco sandal.

Made of 100% leather and made with 100% recycled polyuretha, the Ecola Sandal features a rubber sole and a full-length leather ankle.

With a full rubber heel and full leather ankle, this sandal will have you dancing to the beat of your own drum.

For a $225 retail price, you can get the sandal sandals with a full leather foot for a pair that is comfortable, durable and easy on the foot.

You can also purchase the boots at the Barentraptura website for $150.

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