Nike is taking the wraps off its newest Nike Ovo shoe, which is set to go on sale on Friday.

The Nike OVO is the first Ovo to feature the Nike Flyknit upper that the company has been releasing in the US and Europe.

The Flyknit fabric on the shoe gives it a lightweight, breathable look.

The Ovo is a mid-weight shoe, measuring in at a size XS-3XL.

It is designed to be worn with a lightweight outer layer and is built to take the abuse that you’ll get from running, biking, and running in the rain.

The shoes come in two different styles, the Nike Ogo and Nike Fly.

The Ogo features a “lighter, sporty” look with a black leather upper and suede outsole.

The Nike Fly features a more traditional, classic look with an OVO branding on the heel and a black heel.

The Fly is a more athletic shoe, with a medium-weight upper and a suede sole.

The upper is leather and features a Flyknit outsole and a white heel.

Nike said that the Flyknit is the “most durable material on the market today,” which means that the shoe will last for years.

That’s important to me, because I’ve been running with the Nike Run for years and have never had any problems with wear.

The heel of the Fly also features a rubber-toe design.

In terms of performance, the Fly offers up to 10 percent less drag than the Ovo, and it has a lighter footprint than the Nike Elite Fly.

It also comes in a few different colors, including black, brown, and red.

The shoe also comes with a free Nike Performance Boost 2.0 shoe.

It’s a great time to be a Nike shopper, because Nike’s new shoes are a step in the right direction.

The company is finally offering its first premium shoes with a “sportsman” look that makes them more comfortable to wear.

Nike will also be releasing a pair of shoes with more premium materials in the coming months, but I doubt we’ll see any of these shoes on the shelves until at least late fall or early winter.

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