Natural sunscreen is getting a little more affordable, and for people who want to keep it affordable and stylish, this new range is sure to make a splash.

The Natural Skin Sunscreen Floss Collection from Fluffy, a brand that’s been around for over a decade, includes floss from a range of brands including L’Oreal, Glamour, and the brand-new Pure Natural Sunscreen, which comes in three styles: the Fluffy Super Glow, the Fluffies Super Shine, and one of the new Fluffy Fluffy Glow Nail Lacquer.

The Super Glow is the lightest, fluffiest option of the bunch, and is available in four shades: the Aqua-Tone Aqua, the Glo Pink Glo, the Pink Fluffy Glo (which is the one that comes in the Super Shine version), and the Fluffed Pink Fluffy Glow.

All of these shades are available in sizes 1 to 6 inches long, and come in a wide range of colors, with the Aqua tone offering the brightest and most shimmery shades, while the Gloo Pink Gloat offering a pink tint and an almost matte finish.

These two shades are the most affordable natural sunscreen you can buy, and are priced at $4.99 a pop.

(As mentioned before, they’re not just for women with oily skin, either: they’re also available in men’s sizes.)

You’ll also be able to purchase the Fluffle Glow Nails Lacquer for $6.99, which is an opaque gel that has a matte finish and has a unique, watery feel to it.

You can purchase the Pure Natural Super Shine as well, which has a very different feel to the other two, but also comes in four different shades, ranging from a matte blue to a shimmery, glittery gold.

You’ll be able order the Flushy Fluffy Lipstick for $3.99 (it’s $4 for the $5 Super Shine edition), which is a bright, shimmery liquid lipstick that is supposed to give you a shimmer-free, matte finish, but instead gives you a matte lip that can actually give you that glowy look.

All four of these products are available on the Flurry website, but you can also purchase them from the brands listed above.

The Pure Natural Shine is currently priced at just $7.99 for the Super Glow version, and comes in a range from a medium matte to a deep metallic, while both the Aqua and GloPink shades are $6 for the Fluffs Super Shine and $5 for the Aqua.

The Fluffy Natural Sunscreens are available for pre-order starting today, and you can check out a couple more of their swatches on the site. [Recode]

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