A man in France has claimed he has found a hidden $250 million Swiss bank balance.

The man, identified only as “J” told a French TV station he had managed to pull off a series of extraordinary and bizarre thefts that have left the Swiss bank at the mercy of thieves who have now been identified as “P”.

The suspect, who is believed to be in his late 40s, allegedly pulled off a number of unusual thefts of Swiss bank accounts, including a number he says were at a time when the bank was “banking on the backs of people who could no longer afford their bills”.

The “P” suspect allegedly has the help of a “Swiss agent”, who has been identified by French media as “El-Bashir”.

“I think that’s an incredible number.

We have seen things in our lives that we couldn’t even imagine,” the man said.

“I have found something that I’ve never seen before.”

El-Shir has also been linked to a series on French TV that claimed to have uncovered a hidden account of $50 billion in Swiss francs, which was then transferred to an account in the name of a wealthy man in Florida.

“We are talking about a man that has the ability to steal a million dollars in the blink of an eye,” said a spokesperson for the Swiss Federal Office for Internal Security.

“We have now found out that he is a criminal and that he’s involved in illegal activity.”

“The P” suspect told French TV he had “gave money to a Swiss agent and that it was all a scam”, adding: “I know that I am not a thief, I have the power of God to forgive my sins.”

The “J”, who did not give his name, said the “P”, who he said is now in custody in France, told him: “This was not a scam.”

The French man told the French television station he believed the “J’s” claims were true and he was “very suspicious” of the man’s story.

He said: “It was the same man that stole my account, the same guy that stole a million, the guy who was behind the account in Florida.”

The man said he was now in the US with his partner and had also spent a month in the hospital with an infection in his left foot.

“I am very nervous,” he said.

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