Sandals can be expensive.

You can’t buy a pair of sandals for under $500 online, and there are strict rules around where you can buy them.

But, for some, it can be a way of getting cheap shoes or socks at a bargain price.

One woman in the UK posted a picture of a pair she bought online for just £3,000.

She posted a link to the seller’s site on Instagram, and a few days later, a man came to the door with a pair for her and her friend.

She said he offered to pay for them as well.

But it’s not the first time the price has been slashed.

“It was quite shocking for me to see the prices, and I don’t even think that was in my mind,” she said.

The woman who posted the picture said she was initially scared but decided to give it a go.

“I was really nervous because I had no idea that I could get them for such a low price,” she told the BBC.

But the price was quickly slashed.

The seller told the outlet the pair were a special order item, and the pair was only offered for the month of December.

“We were really excited because we were expecting them to be on sale for a few weeks and the price dropped so much,” she added.

“But theres no way you can compare the price between two people who have the same job.”

The buyer told the website they have to wait for them to ship.

But there is no guarantee that the pair will arrive before Christmas.

“Theres a lot of delays, but I will just try and take care of the delivery as best as I can,” the woman said.

In the US, the price of a sandal is typically between $400 and $700, depending on the size.

So the pair sold for less than £100.

But in Mexico, they are often more expensive.

The price is also sometimes cheaper in China, the US and Japan.

And the seller said the pair had been available online since March.

“People have been looking for them,” she continued.

“They are going to be out there in the market for a long time.”

The seller, who did not want to be identified by name, said she did not know of anyone who had previously bought a pair.

But she said she could not wait for the sandals to arrive in the US.

“As soon as they arrive, I will be selling them, so I hope everyone will be looking for the right ones,” she joked.

“A few days from now, I’ll be selling my first pair of them.”

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