Shoes like Dior’s signature sandals and Dior heels, along with other high-fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, are getting more modern and more functional.

The company is also introducing new shoes like the Dior Sandals, a new model with a curved upper that allows users to sit or stand for a longer time and make a full 360-degree turn.

Dior Shoes said on Wednesday that its new sandals will hit stores in late summer.

Dori Dior ( DOR) said in a statement that the new sandal is designed to be worn in the summer with a longer lasting, more comfortable fit.

DOR also said that it is making changes to the way it makes its footwear, including the design of the shoe’s sole and sole design.

Doria Sandals were first introduced in 2011.

They are now made in China.

Dormante Dior is also making some changes to its sandals in 2017.

The Italian brand said that the Dormante Sandals have a new design with a wider base, which is more comfortable for the feet.

The Dormande Sandals are available in three colors: blue, red and brown.

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