White Mountain Shoes and Co. is planning an event this weekend that will feature the company’s new line of footwear and sandals.

The announcement will take place in a booth at BlackHeeledSandals.com, a new social media platform that allows brands to share photos and videos of their shoes.

The company will be announcing a new line that features its new line, Black Heel Sandals, and other new footwear that will be on sale for $150, according to the press release.

Black Heel sandals will be available at Black and Brown locations, and the shoes will be made in-house by White Mountain in partnership with Vionic, the company behind the Vionic Giro sandals and sandal designs.

In addition to the new shoes, Black and Black Heels will be the first brand to launch a new “Black Sandal” line.

This new line will include three colors, White Mountain Black, White mountain Black with an additional Black heeled, and White Mountain White with an extra Black heeling.

Black Heelf sandals are also expected to be available in the new Black and White line.

The Black Heeling sandals were first introduced in 2012.

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