In the midst of the global recession, some people are going all out in their pursuit of a fashionable look.

There’s no denying that the rise of the fashionable shoe has helped propel a boom in designer footwear in the past few years.

While there are plenty of styles that we can all wear at our summer parties, there are a few brands that really stand out from the crowd.

The list below is a selection of the top 10 fashionable footwear brands and their best-selling styles, along with a list of some of the other brands that are doing their best to be fashionable and stylish.10.

ShoeLab / Shoes For A Cure: Inspired by the real-life experience of being a child with a rare disease, Shoes For a Cure creates innovative footwear that are made with love and care.

With a strong focus on care and authenticity, they’ve managed to make a style that feels authentic while still being able to stand on its own.


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