Man who was once known as the “man who made sandals” is now known as a “man of fashion”.

He started making sandals in his own living room and eventually became known as “M.I.


His new website, called “M-I.

A”, features a collection of footwear, handbags and a range of accessories.

The man who made them is now based in London and is using the website to sell his wares online.

In a video on his website, Mr Brown says he started making them in the early 1980s in his bedroom.

“I was a kid and I wanted to do something I could do in my living room,” he said.

“There was a lot of dust in the bedroom so I had to make something out of it.”

I went down to the local hardware store and found a pair of sandals for $6 and I put them on.

“The next thing I knew I was going to make my own shoes.”

He says he had a dream of being a model and that eventually inspired him to create his own line of shoes.

Mr Brown’s new website offers customers a chance to buy his collection of boots and sandals.

“If you go to you can see my collection,” he says.

“You can see them on my website or you can buy them in my shop.”

Mr Brown has launched a range from shoes and sandal tops to a range with bags, totes and a belt.

“My goal is to create a range that will be a part of a future that’s a bit different and a bit more affordable,” he told

“A range of sandal-style shoes and accessories, from a basic to a fancy sort of thing.”

Mr Moore says he has had to rethink his approach to footwear.

“What I think is the key is to make a product that’s something that is affordable, that’s good to wear, that is durable and that will last,” he explained.

“That is what I’m doing.”

Mr Johnson said the trend for people making their own shoes was changing.

“When I was a teenager I was making my own sandal and I would wear them every day,” he added.

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It’s become quite trendy and people are actually starting to get into the business.”

For more stories from Sydney visit The Conversation’s Sydney Morning Herald website.

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