Shoes like the Dior sandal and ecco soles are no longer just for the supermodel.

A new generation of women is taking them on and they look stunning in these stunning colours and fabrics.

Dior Sandals, for example, feature a light grey and black colour palette that is also available in a range of colours and prints.

The sandals are available in black, white and grey. 

The Dior eccos, meanwhile, are available as black, black and red and are also available with black and white print.

The new Dior shoe range is called “a new generation” but the colour range is also being launched and the shoes are being made by a brand that has already released several shoes, including the sandals and eceos.

“The new generation is taking inspiration from Dior’s iconic shoes that have a timeless feel,” a spokesperson for Diamant said.

“This new generation looks at the history of the brand through the lens of the new generation and the idea of ‘the future’.”

The shoes will also be designed by the designer and made in house.

“The new shoe range will launch in autumn 2018 and the new Diamants will also debut a new range of footwear in autumn 2019.

The Diamantes brand has been growing in recent years and was valued at more than $3bn (£1.3bn) last year. 

We are proud to offer our customers a new generation that embraces the latest trends and the latest designs that have become the signature for Diolos shoes,” the spokesperson said.

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