Posted November 02, 2017 11:24:00 The Nike Sandals lineup has grown to include an extensive range of adult-oriented sandals, including an expanded range of shoes for kids.

The company has expanded the range with the release of two new adult-sized sandals from the footwear brand, Sandals for Kids.

They come in three colorways, pink and black, with a price tag of $90.99.

They are available in white, blue, and black versions.

Both the pink and the black versions are available with a black sole, which makes them suitable for wearing around the house.

The sandals come in both white and black colors and offer the option of adding an optional white sole.

The shoes are available for pre-order now on the company’s online store, but will likely be available at some point later this year.

The Sandals have been in the works for some time and have been part of the company for years.

Last year, the company announced a collaboration with the popular designer Marc Jacobs, who designed a pair of sandals for kids that were featured in the 2016 BET Awards.

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