When it comes to the Beach, sandals are king.

They’re trendy and popular, and they’re also super easy to wear.

But you’ll want to dress your sandals to match your outfit and your mood.

Here are 10 tips to keep sandals in style.1.

Wearing sandals with an over-the-shoulder belt or sandals can be a challenge2.

Sandals can also be a little too long for casual wear3.

Be careful with sandals that are too short, because they can be uncomfortable4.

When you wear a sandals, think about your shoes!

Sandals are also a great way to keep your feet warm and dry, but the straps on a sandaled shoe can get a little heavy and unwieldy, so consider wearing sandals as a pair of slippers instead of a pair.5.

The perfect sandal is one that hugs your feet, but is comfortable and keeps you warm6.

For a sanding-to-dressing experience, consider choosing a pair that’s not too high, but not too low.

And if you don’t like the way your sandal looks, take a look at our sandal-toes tutorial.7.

When wearing sandal shoes, wear a little more than you normally would on a beach, because you want your shoes to glide effortlessly over your feet and keep your heels in place.

You’ll be able to feel them and be able feel how soft they are without them sliding around on the sand.8.

If you’re not wearing sand shoes on the beach, wear flats with a heel.

They give you a little less of a rise, and you’ll still feel the sand on your feet.9.

If sandals don’t suit your style, consider finding something to wear with them.

The best thing you can do with a sandally is wear them with a different outfit.

For example, sandal tops with a dress shirt could be a great choice for a formal outfit, or sandal bottoms for a casual look.10.

For the ultimate beach experience, check out the sandal tutorial from our beach guide, which shows you how to dress like a sandali.

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