New York City’s Coin Dealers is selling hundreds of rare and valuable coins for a cool $8,000 per coin.

The listing comes as the coin craze continues to grow in popularity.

Coin Dealership owner and coin expert Paul Hirsch said the listings are being offered in a number of denominations ranging from one ounce to 1.5 million coins.

The coin dealer’s website is open through Sunday, August 19.

Hirsch explained that the coins are in very good condition and in a wide range of condition.

“The majority of them are in extremely good condition, so there’s no way they could be counterfeits,” he said.

The coins are listed as being worth between $2,000 and $5,000, with some of the most desirable coins being in the $1,000 to $5 for $20-$50 range.

“We’re going to be selling all the nickels, dimes and quarters as well as pennies and dimes,” he added.

Hensky said that the listing is an effort to get the coin sales in the city back on track.

“If it wasn’t for the craze, we’d have to go out of business right now,” he told Coin News.

“That’s the main thing.”

The coins on display at Coin Dealors are not new to the NYC coin market.

In the past, the coin dealers has sold rare coins such as the American eagle, the first coin issued in the United States and the gold and silver coin that was minted by the United Kingdom in 1648.

Coins are also available in other coin types such as silver, pallium, gold and platinum.

However, the Coin Dealings listings include a few notable coin types that are often rare.

“They have a bunch of the rarest silver and gold coins in the world,” Hirsch told CoinNews.

“I think we’ve just gotten into a period of over-production of silver and the scarcity of platinum and pallium.”

Hirsch added that the auction prices for the coins range from $1.00 to $1 million per coin and that the buyer has to submit a bid.

“There’s a limit on how much you can bid,” he explained.

“Once you bid, it goes up or down a lot.”

Coin Dealiers sells about 100 different coins a year.

He said that although some of them have been priced as high as $2 million, “most of the coins in our collection are at least a few thousand dollars less than that.”

Henskey said that a lot of the time, people just want to buy the coins.

“People are willing to pay the high price for something that’s so rare,” he noted.

“But if they can’t afford that price, they’re just going to go back to their local coin dealer to buy.”

Coin dealers are also selling rare coins in other states.

In California, a few of the listings listed coins that were minted in Nevada in 1873.

Horseshoes, dices and quarter have been the most sought-after coins in that state.

According to Coin Dealbers website, there are a couple of other California-themed listings that are listed with rare and rare coins.

One of the coin auction listings that is available on the site is a listing for a pair of the “most sought-for, iconic, and valuable” sandals.

Hennesky said he is still actively working on getting his sandals on display.

“Every day we’re working on that,” he admitted.

“It’s still a challenge.”

Henneskey said he has also been working on a few more rare coins that he hopes to bring to the coin dealer market.

“Our biggest challenge is to bring all the coins that we’re selling out there to the marketplace,” he stated.

“My hope is that every day we get more rare and interesting coins out there.”

Coin Dealer listing prices: The coin dealers website is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Russian.

Coin Dealer owner and Coin Dealer expert Paul, who also operates Coin Dealresses NYC and NYC Coins and Collectibles, is also hoping to bring more coins to the New York market.

Hentskey noted that the listings on the Coin Dealer website are being updated daily.

“Sometimes we get some coins out of storage, sometimes we get out of stock and sometimes we just need to move them somewhere else,” he commented.

CoinDealers has been around since the late 1960s and Hensker said he’s known Henskin for more than 40 years.

Hinskins company has grown to more than 80 locations in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Coin dealers have a history of selling valuable items such as art and jewelry and they are known for their quality products.

Hinks has also done extensive research in the industry and has been a

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